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    I have started to experience some major problems with the
    verizon hotspot app. I have had the phone for awhile and put it on a touchstone in the same spot every night. Up until recently I have had about 200 ms ping and 150kb download. Now I have 1100ms ping with a .015 kb download. I have erased all my patches, themes and ran the Doctor. The problem still exsists, what the heck happened? I cant even get my ff stat tracker to load.
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    what are your results from Probably more valuabl info than Ping.
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    yes they are from speedtest
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    when running the test, does your top bar indicate '3g' or does it say '1x'?

    those speeds indicate your phone isn't getting a 2g connection.
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    No it says 3g, all along speedtest has been getting 1.5mb download with my mac, now it is .04 mb... this is a huge drop off I just dont get it.
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    here are a couple of threads specific to apple. You might find some help there:

    it may also be something in how speedtests work through the mhs that misrepresents actual speed. Have you tried streaming HQ video from hulu and youtube? If you can stream two hulu movies at once without buffering pauses (open two browsers and play different shows) then you are getting 3g speed.

    hulu will show at the top what bitrate it is choosing based on it's measurement of available bandwidth.

    have you noticed a slowdown in general responsiveness? At the numbers you are reporting, web browsing would feel very slow.
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    yes web browsing has become painfully slow. I am aware of the issues with the ipod touch as I have had problems with it from day one, but never had a problem with my mac book.

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