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    Recently on occasion my top bar has been dissapearing when i unplug my pre from a wall charger. Luna restart brings it back, and it shows up when i slide open my main menu (app launcer), but then it goes away when the menu closes. Anyone elese run in to this or know why? i have about 100 patches so its anyones guess as to which one could play a part in it. i do have the one that makes the top bar transparent so that it matches your wall paper but i have had that for ages w/out problem. halp!
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    Let's start with what other top bar patches do you have? My guess would be on the transparent one causing the problem (or it combined with another top bar patch).
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    mine does that too, but it usually comes back after opening a card. It hasn't been annoying enough to troubleshoot just yet. I have battery icon and Percent, GPS Icon on top bar, Mode Switcher (not using yet), 4x4 Icons v4 No Arrows plus more - so not too many involving the top bar. I was suspecting Brightness Unlinked that i open each night and close in the morning, but no evidence.

    if you figure it out let us know

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