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    I get a message that stating "GAL Service is unavailable" when typing a contact name. Is this an issue with my phone or with some setting at my workplace?
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    Are you online?
    Mine does that whenever I lose internet access (data).
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    Mine always does it. It worked a few releases ago.
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    Same here... does anyone have an answer or a fix?
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    This has started ever since I added as an Exchange account. If I remove the exchange account, then all is back to normal. Could it be because I don't have any contacts in my Live account? Don't know and don't care anyway. I wanted to let everyone know what the solution is.
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    Mine does that occasionally. Never paid enough attention to when, in order to try and figure out why. Usually if I do a refresh in the mail app for the Exchange account, it instantly starts working again.

    Perhaps a timeout issue or connectivity thing...
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    I've decided to redo my Live account to no avail. As soon as I update the phone with the stats, it will start giving me the message above. Setting up as a POP account does not incur the same results. Figures, a MSFT product will give me issues!
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    Can you remove the Live account only from your contacts app?

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