So, the new problem seems to be with the DNS on the data side. All data functions that involve resolving domain names -- email, web, Twitter, etc. -- will just die with no explanation or error message. I've missed emails while I've been out and about already.

Has anyone else been seeing anything like this? This one's got to be some kind of software/OS issue, doesn't it? I've been starting to wonder if I've just got a defective unit, but I don't know if this symptom fits that pattern.

Flipping in and out of airplane mode so far seems to fix it, but if I now have to keep refreshing the data connection, along with carrying around a spare battery, a wall charger and a portable battery-powered charger everywhere I go, I don't think you can realistically call it a "smart" phone.

I'm almost at my wit's end with this phone. This past weekend, the battery barely lasted longer than the special edition of "Avatar" -- and no, I'm not exaggerating for effect.