Has anyone else noticed this? It isn't that sound doesnt work, it just doesnt work well. I have noticed several different symptoms that in a PC I would attribute to a bad driver install.

1. In a game the sound kind of "pops" load up one of the drum apps or piano apps hit a bunch of keys fast, it isnt a constant flow of sound rather a bunch of stops and starts. Maybe I'm just picky but the iPhone does not do this. Also compare the sound of Angry Birds on the Pre to another device, again small stops and starts are detected in the Pre...

2. Sound randomly starts coming out of the speaker, when the volume is turned all the way down. I have noticed this both in Rednecks vs. Aliens and Mech Invasion. I had the sound all the way down (0 bars) and it all of a sudden just started playing the sound through the speaker phone. Immediatley I turned down the volume, to notice it was already all the way down. I am not getting the "ringer" confused with the "media" sound, it is the media sound that is all the way down while the sound starts playing. The only way I have been able to get it to stop making noise is to close and restart the app.

I do not believe this is tied to any specific app, but mostly all PDK apps seem to exhibit some of this behavior. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this, it has made for one or two embarrasing incidents in otherwise non-prodcutive meetings at work