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    Dear Precentral Users,

    Is it with huge regret I ask some advice on this question.
    I live in Australia, and a loyal Palm fan. Palm Vx>E2>680>Centro.
    Longstanding problems with Centro, and need to upgrade to new network.
    Unfortunately, I don't see webos coming to Asia-Pacific anytime soon.
    Android seems the next logical option.
    Can anyone recommend me an android phone, similar Centro ( with a keypads)? I hope I will use this phone temporarily, until webos comes to Australia. Or maybe I'll end up using it for good, as webos may never have the opportunity to get here!

    Thank you
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    motorola droid2 or the samsung galaxyS are the closest. Otherwise, you should look at blackberry.
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    (IMO) There will never be another phone like my Palm Pre. :-D The next best thing I would suggest in the field of Android would be Samsung Epic 4G. The Fastest Android Phone on the market right now.
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    I think he wants a physical keyboad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I think he wants a physical keyboad
    I thought it has a physical keyboard. I guess I've been using this phone for too long. :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by RUSH View Post
    I thought it has a physical keyboard. I guess I've been using this phone for too long. :-D
    Epic 4G does, its a slider.
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    I stand corrected. I guess I was thinking EVO, which many haved caled 'epic'
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    Motorola Charm but thats pretty new, not sure if you'll see that for a while. I guess for the area your hanging around, go for Motorola Milestone. But here goes a listing of phones for you to scan and see what you might like to use. Good luck
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    honestly i would not be so quick to count palm out of australia. If there is one thing that HP has it's global reach. and while they might not be expanding globally with the current pre. i bet when it's successor comes out HP will really push the envelope.
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    Thanks all for your help. I guess options for android phones are a little limited here compared to the states.
    I think a physical keyboard is desirable for me - the pre+ or pixi+ would be idea. Can't beat a physical keyboard.

    In regards to not giving up yet, I haven't. But I am frustrated here in Oz. IF the pre came out in Australia 2 years ago like US, I would have bought it, and naturally upgraded to WebOS 2.0 phone by next year. Unfortunately it didn't, and I hope I don't get too use to the android experience.

    A message to Palm-HP- make sure the calender app is very functional. Its the ONLY reason why I stick with my treo/centro, despite stiff competition. A wish - add more datebk6 features into your webos.

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