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    It seems that many apps in the App Catalog have erroneously had the OS level requirement set to 1.4.5 when they actually only require a lower version OS. That's why so many apps have been showing in the feed as new even when they aren't. That's why, if you get a replacement phone (like I did), some of your paid apps will not restore and won't even show up in the catalog listing.

    I was able to verify this with Preware. I had previously purchased Ancient Frog when my Verizon Pre Plus had I just got another replacement and all the apps restored EXCEPT for Ancient Frog. It isn't even listed in the App Catalog on the phone. Of course the replacement phone has since Verizon hasn't released 1.4.5 for the Pre Plus yet.

    I ran Preware and Ancient Frog was listed in the list of available apps. Now we all know that Preware doesn't do any version checking so apps your OS version can't run WILL be in the list. When I pull up the detail screen for Ancient Frog and press install, the App Catalog opens and displays the error message that the app cannot run on your current OS. Just like it does for all 1.4.5 apps. This means the OS requirements for Ancient Frog have been incorrectly set.

    I just got done chatting with Palm support and passed this on after talking with him for 30 minutes then discovering this. Unfortunately, I don't have the greatest confidence that the person will pass this on.

    Does anyone have a contact email for someone at Palm that handles the App Catalog that I could send this info directly too?
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    It I highly possible that it may have been updated to be compatible with 1.4.5, so the current version available for download may not work on the older version OS like the one you had installed previously did. There are quite a few apps, games and patches that updated to work for the new version.

    I don't really know for sure, this is just a theory.
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