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    Don't know if anyone has done this yet...i've not found it in the research i've been doing...

    sorry bout having to find your own links...but i'm new here...

    I've gotten the X-server working on my Palm Pre+ and have enabled sharing of mouse and keyboard from Kubuntu 10.04 to the Palm Device through Synergy. Here's what I did...

    WebOS Ver 1.4.11

    Install Debian Chroot (Search WebOS Internals for 'Debian - WebOS Internals')

    Install Preware Alpha (Search Google for 'Preware Testing Feed Repositories')

    Enable Preware Testing Feed (Search WebOS Internals for 'Enabling Preware Testing Feed')

    Install Xterm (should mark and install xorg-server as well)

    Start Xterm

    Edit /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.xorg-server/ on Palm host system. Use to enable/disable portrait or landscape mode. Portrait mode is much better to use until i figure out how to re-adjust the screen size of any of the windows managers...taller is definitely more useful than wider...especially for settings and clicking 'ok' buttons

    ----- --- --
    Chroot into Debian

    In Debian:
    apt-get install synergy
    --- ------- --
    On your *nix box as root:
    apt-get install synergy
    Create a file: /etc/synergy.conf on your *nix box and make it look similar to this
    section: screens
    section: aliases
        #insert IP address of *nix box as assigned by Dhcp server
    section: links
        right = palm-webos-device
        left = kubuntu
    section: options
        screenSaverSync = false
    -- --- -----
    Connect Palm to your *nix box Ad-Hock using Mobile Hotspot for Wifi

    or USBNet (on palm device host file system)
    usbnet enable
    or My Tether (Search Google for 'My Tether Free 1.5.1'),

    or wireless router,

    and Note IP assigned to *nix box from Dhcp server

    Start synergy server in foreground on *nix box IN USER ACCOUNT NOT ROOT to debug
    synergys -f --config /etc/synergy.conf
    (Very few error messages...easy fixes: Search Google for 'synergy error messages')

    Start synergy client in forground on Palm Device
    synergyc -f
    (fill in the IP of your *nix box as assigned by the Dhcp)

    once the client connects to the server, have the mouse and keyboard available on your Palm WebOS.

    Install a Windows Manager in Debian Chroot with apt-get
    apt-get install icewm lxde matchbox
    (icewm, lxde, currently experimenting with matchbox)

    Setup Debian Chroot for X forwarding...add
    mount -o bind /tmp /media/cf/tmp
    to your mounting script

    Forward your display
    export DISPLAY=:0.0
    Start Windows Manager
    Voila...right click...left click...move...resize...minimize...maximize...and best of're full keyboard directly on your palm device (wirelessly or wired) long as there's an IP address for the client to reach the server at. Now that you know it can run synergy in the background (without the '-f' option)...meaning it will leave you back at the command line prompt and you can close the terminal window.

    It's been a miracle for my ability to play with my step closer to going with a pure lightweight distro install on my device.

    I tested it successful with Mobile Hotspot with server on *nix box and client on palm.

    Working on USBNet now with My Tether USB Tether with server on Palm and client on *nix seems that the internet will only work one way...from palm to *nix it hijacks my primary wireless connection to the net and assigns my computer an IP through Dhcp...i'm looking for a way around this...hence the inability to share internet from my wireless wlan0 to the wired usb0 with firestarter. Any suggestions on this one?

    Also working with QSynergy (a QT GUI for my *nix box)

    Installing QT on Debian Chroot to get qmake
    apt-get install qt4-dev-tools
    Install make on Debian Chroot
    apt-get install make
    download qsynergy-0.9.1.tar.gz from sourceforge to /usr/src of debian chroot

    tar jxvf qsynergy-0.9.1.tar.gz
    cd into qsynergy-0.9.1 and run qmake
    qmake -o Makefile
    make & make install
    make install
    (this will take some patient)

    run qsynergy from start menu when in windows manager...easy to use server client gui!

    Still no luck on the USBNet connection...i think my hardware is at fault...this pre's been damaged by a previous owner...*shrugs*
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    omg I've gotta read that when I'm fully awake so I can do that.

    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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    on the PC side you can add a second network card.

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