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    Alright so heres the deal. My Pre is somehow broken. I know its either in the comm board or the cable that links the comm board to the mainboard.

    Without the comm board connection my PC will recognize it and it will show the battery with a question mark screen, so I know it will boot, just not without a battery. Weird though, as soon as I plug in the comm board the PC won't recognize it and it won't show the battery screen.

    I'm capable of handling these things & repairing them, so thats not an issue. Plus this isn't a hard swap if it'll fix it. Can I just buy a broken screen/digitizer Pre off eBay and use the comm board from it in this Pre? Will that keep the same MEID/ESN as my current Pre?

    I know I read in the thread about making a Pre into a Pre+ that you have to copy the ESN of your current phone to write to the new phone once you put your comm board in. Does that mean I can just keep my current ESN/MEID when I swap the board, or will that cause issues? If it causes issues, how can I fix them?

    Are there any other solutions/ideas? Thanks in advance everyone!
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    I hate to bump, this, but I have to..

    Does anyone have the slightest clue on this?

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