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    I have a refurb sprint pre that I have had for about 6 weeks. For the past few days, the screen has randomly stopped working. I have taken the battery out 2-3 times per instance and still does not work. I set it down, come back later and it works. Then it doesnt again. 5-6 times per day.

    It has happened a few times in the past and I assumed the pre was froze up. I now realize that it was the touchscreen.( if I use the keyboard only it functions.).

    of course I am heavily patched and overclocked. I have taken the uberkernal off and it worked for a bit and then stopped again. So the problem is the same regardless of the uberkernal.

    Where to start? WebOs Doctor
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    I would doctor just to eliminate anything possibly causing this. Run stock for a couple days see if it happens again.
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    when the touchscreen freezes up, all I have to do is plug it in to a oem charger and it works for a few minutes and then it stops working again.
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    The overclock may very well be causing your problems.
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    i took the overclock off 2 hours ago and it still does it. webos doctor and then done for the night. thanks for the help
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    This probably isn't your solution but sometimes when my screen starts acting erratic, then I need to wipe the screen with my shirt a few times to "degauss" the screen probably due to static buildup.

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble.
    Did you end up did it work?
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    I tried to doctor it late last night and gave up. It gave me an error during the dr and it was late. The pre worked normal when I woke up for about 30 mins and then the same thing. I plugged it into oem charger and it came back to life.

    I know my screen is clean as. I have wiped it many times with soft cloths. A couple things that could be causing this: I have used my centro battery in this before and I have used my charger from my backbeat headphones to charge it.

    When I plug it into the palm charger the problem goes away for a bit. I do have the original palm battery in the palm for the last 2 weeks exclusively. I will not have time to try and doctor the phone again today. I will just have to take my charger to work today.

    any other ideas?
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    Have you ran any of the interactive tests just to see if they throw an error at ya?
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    yes i did no problems. of course that was when the screen was working properly.

    i am going to try to dr it again but wont be till tomorrow.thanks for the help
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    I've found that often just turning the screen off and then back on again will fix the problem whenever that occurs.
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    that does not work for me. What does work is plug in the power cord. It doesn't even have to be plugged into the wal.

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