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    I'm getting a new phone sadly its not a plam device ive just been having toooo many problems with key boards on these phones im on my third one and this one is worse than the previous two i had so what im wondering is there a way to back up the contacts to a computer or something so i can i dont have to type them all up? If i have to i will but i really dont want to and i know it seems like more offten than not that when they try to transfer contacts at vzw they cant get it to work its just my luck i guess.
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    If they aren't already in Google,

    Go to the phone app, and dial ##MONAD#

    Follow the instructions, put the phone in USB mode when it's done, and look for a .vcf file in a hidden temp folder.

    There, you have your contacts.
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    Sync with Google and they'll all be backed up.
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    there some app that lets you email them too
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    Just did the backup just great
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjeffcoat View Post
    Sync with Google and they'll all be backed up.
    Sorry, it isn't quite that easy. If the contacts are just stored on the phone you can't just push a magic button that syncs them with Google.

    You have to export them first (see earlier message in thread), then you can massage that data file (can't remember if you can directly import it to Google) and import it into Google. However, before you actually import them into Google you want to make sure that you delete the contacts from your phone or you will end up with the contacts syncing from Google AND be in your phone and you will have duplicate contacts.

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