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    I had a really bad missed-picture opportunity just now with this camera.

    How is that it that palm has such a great system that multitasks so brilliantly and works so well but they can't. bloody. figure. out. the camera?

    How is it even possible that it takes a whole minute to load the camera? sometimes it doesn't even load at all and I have to re-open it. Even 25 seconds is far too much. My old LG Rumor did better than this.

    I was trying to snap a picture while driving and it was a fantastic shot - dark grey clouds, brilliant dark green grass, dark grey road. I could've used it as a desktop background. First the camera doesn't load. I reopen it. My music stops. (why can't music and camera run at the same time??)
    20 seconds later I can snap the picture (which has changed by now but still looks okay).
    The camera app freezes. The screen turns off. I try to turn it on again and it doesn't respond. Finally it turns on and it waits a second and says 'could not take picture'. What the hell is that?
    Brilliant picture chance - gone. As a photographer this ****es me off beyond belief.

    ok rant done. I just had to do it.

    the camera on the pre sucks. Is there anything I can do or any program I can use that will load this thing faster and make it actually usable? I'm already overclocking to 1ghz but that didn't seem to help.

    anyone know if webos 2.0 will actually bring this up to speed? android and ios phones have brilliantly fast cameras..

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    Do you overclock?

    If not, try Uberkernal and Govnah.
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    "I'm already overclocking to 1ghz but that didn't seem to help."
    It's uberkernel and govnah.

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    I just tried my camera and it took only 4 seconds to load and be ready to take the picture.
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    I just tried playing a song on Music (Remix) and opening my camera up, then took a picture....took about 10 seconds or less. Uberkernel Screenstate 1GHz/500. Music still playing. Maybe try that program out and see how that works out for you?
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    3 seconds for my Camera app to load. Try rebooting your phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylor View Post
    I was trying to snap a picture while driving
    Look at the bright least you didn't kill anyone!
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    i dump my photos to computer regularly... usually once i have about 10 or more photos. also i am running uberkernel 1000/500

    my camera loads and ready in about 3 seconds
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    You do know it's a phone... that takes pictures... and does a bunch of other stuff?

    I have a camera that takes great pictures... but I can't make a call on it; or do much else than take pictures.
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    Yes, for pics, you should rely on a regular camera.

    Mine never has that long of a lag, either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylor View Post
    How is that it that palm has such a great system that multitasks so brilliantly and works so well but they can't. bloody. figure. out. the camera?
    It's the best multitasking smartphone bar none....leave the camera on in the background. Done.
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    oh **** off everyone. I have had this problem with my pre MANY TIMES. I know your pain. I don't carry a camera with me everywhere I go. But I do cary my pre. If it can't reliably load up and in a quick time... Someone needs to fix it. Wether it be in a patch or by a palm update.
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    If you need instant photo ops then keep the camera app loaded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by not-yet-pre View Post
    keep the camera app loaded.
    Duh! Good idea! Wish I thought of it. Now that's what I'm going to do from now on.
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    Well even sometimes I leave the camera app open it doesn't always work.
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    You don't need to fix something that isn't broke. Plenty of people here, myself included, didn't have a problem opening up the camera, while the music player was playing. Maybe it's something more to it than blaming the app, could be the phone's memory is bogged down and needs a reset, could be a lot of different things. The camera did kill the music when I took a picture, and was a TEENY bit slower than normal in the post picture processing, mildly annoying that I had to restart the song to get it to play again, but as far as missed photo op, not going to agree there. I have a pretty cool phone and although that IS annoying, I can live with it
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    Ok I don't know why people are getting high and mighty about this...

    First of all, I asked in the Music Remix app and people there said that it is indeed a limitation of webOS that the camera cuts out the music, presumably because it has video recording and that overrides your music. Those of you saying your music continues playing, please let me know what music player you use.

    Secondly, a high number of replies here are saying 'well I don't have a problem with my camera so clearly it's not a real issue'
    Let me tell you, I use my camera a lot. A lot of the time, it is lovely. It loads fairly quickly. And in those times, I count my blessings, because there are so many times when it takes ages to load. Not just for me, but for my brother as well, and my father.
    It's gotten to the point that we just joke about it, and say "well you can't LET it know that you want to take a picture, you have to trick it into opening it quickly", the same way you say it about printers "don't let it know you're in a hurry or it'll error!".
    It just shouldn't be this way on an otherwise perfectly good modern smartphone.

    Oh also, while on vacation last week I did indeed leave the camera app open. It was effective usually, but occasionally it would still just freeze up and I'd have to swipe it away, load it again, wait.

    Restarting the phone doesn't help one bit. I've done it a lot.

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    it does take forever to load sometimes
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    i just hate replys to posts like these when ppl say they dont have a problem. we didnt ask if u did. we are looking for solutions, not smart *** comments.
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    I agree my camera app is really buggy at times too. There are two most frequent problems that I have: 1) The camera opens and displays the image that I would like to take a picture of but there are no buttons to click to actually take the picture, and 2) The camera app opens and it is just a dark gray screen, have to close and reopen the app (which then sometimes exhibits problem #1).

    So, while I have never had it take a long time to load, I have had it take a long time until I am ready to actually take a picture.
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