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    is ther a way 2 share youtube videos on facebook?ie. Via the share button insted of downloading the vid and uploading it,i don't just want to share the vid im watching through sms or email
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    I don't think so. For now there are only two options on the phone. Email & Text Message. Maybe someone could create a patch for that. Note: Copy and Paste can work too. Send the video(s) to either your Email or messages, then tap on the will then give you the option to copy text. Go to wherever you need the link posted and paste.

    Ps. If you go on the fullsite on your pre it would be a lot easier., select the video(s) and tap on the video not to play it, but to get the URL at the top. Copy the URL, and Paste it where you want.
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    spur of the moment random videos i watch on youtube,sumtimes i just want 2 clik 2 share and carry on 2 the next lol
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    If only everything we want could be possible.
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    I usually just click the SMS share, then copy and paste the link.
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