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    I always had problems with my verizon's pre plus keyboard. Few letters would get missed. Now I am finding it is getting worse. I missing more and more letters now and double letters have also appeared. Initially only letter n or o would not work everytime, now its more widespread.
    Any workarounds? So frustrating. My centro types so much better. I would double tap the option button to go into numbers only, on pre I cant hardly do it. I know they have increased the latency with 1.4.1 so there is no double typing but missing letters is killing me right now.

    Any help would be great.
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    Exchange it for a refurb. It won’t get better. I’m on my 10th, 8 of the first 9 had bad keyboards/duplicate & missing keystrokes. My first had a great keyboard - until the screen died - or I wouldn’t have known any better. My latest works about as well as my first one. Seriously, exchange your device. If you got it off of CL or eBay, take it out for shooting practice - it’s therapeutic.
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    I just got a refurb due to headset problems. The keyboard on the new one is GREAT! Unfortunately, the volume up button doesn't work on the new one and the mic volume is low.... another being delivered tomorrow. I sure hope the keyboard on the new one is good.
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    I'm aving similar problems wit te H key on my Pre Plus.
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    I am so scared of refurb, probably get somebodys used pre with something broken in it. Plus loose all my photo's, text messages and call logs
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    Get a refurb. They are usually in great shape, and if it's not, you can always get a different one. And use the backup utility to save all of your data.
    And I'll take that crappy Pre Plus off your hands for no charge.
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    I just had to take a refurb back because all of the screws fell out of the screen over the course of two weeks. It's a shame because otherwise that phone was AWESOME, great keyboard, etc. I just got another refurb and the keyboard SUCKS. Some of the keys just feel mushy as heck but Sprint won't do anything about it because it's not missing keystrokes.
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    i'm on my 8th pre. 6 out of the 8 were because of the keyboard, and of course the one i just got also has a keyboard problem. about 4 or 5 letters barely register, and when i hit it hard after missing, it double types the letter.

    Palm actually called me yesterday and asked me about a "return" i had, and when i told her it was about 7 returns she was shocked. i said i love the phone but VZW locking gps was a gigantic issue with me, and the keyboard issue as well as the wobbliness of the device when the slider is open or even closed. she was thankful, but i doubt it will make a difference in the short term.

    What is up with VZW keyboards? this is insane.
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    thats why I am scared of refurb
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    I think my problem was that I didn't immediately reject the phone. If I end up getting any more refurbs I will test them thoroughly before leaving the store and simply not accept the phone if it doesn't meet standards. I don't need the phone to be perfect in every way god know the phone I gave them wasn't but it shouldn't have these physical defects either.
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    I have the problem with my "L" key more than any other. It drives me crazy having to slowly type everything to avoid missing letters all over. Sometimes I look down and half of words are missing.

    I'm scared to go get a replacement, because I don't have any loose parts and everything else works great. I think I'm going to just keep this one until my next phone or service change.
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    Sometimes I send messages with typos that make me look stupid. What are the chances I can get a new phone, instead of a refurb?
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    Same here! N, O, and H have always been terrible. I don't have large fingers, but I've found I've hit another letter + what I want a lot too. My battery's defective (no help from Verizon, thanks!), but even if that wasn't a problem, the keyboard is a big big problem. I text a lot and bottom sliders just don't work as well. I hope if they do a webOS 2.0 phone it's a side slider.

    Edit: The double letter thing went away right after updating to 1.4.1, but has come back for me also. It's like 1.4.1 disappeared, when it obviously didn't. Boo.
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    I'm scared of getting a bad refurb which is why I think I will just stick to my current Pre Plus... I don't want to have to deal with the hassle of calling VZ everytime my refurb is bad. My keyboard definitely frustrates me but in some ways I have learned to deal with it. It's a crap shoot when getting a refurb...
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    I've had 6 refurbs (4 keyboards) and all have has horrible keyboards. This was my first phone with a hardware keyboard and I HATE it!
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    Is there any way of getting a new phone rather than a refurb?
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    you ould give it a shot... I tried and got a refurb, over and over...
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    I spoke to Palm about my keyboard yesterday. The letter "I" is the big problem for me. The lady told me that I should doctor my phone if I didn't want to get a refurb. She also mentioned that this problem should be addressed with the 1.4.5 update, if we ever get it, so I'm going to wait and see.
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    I had a fresh doctor once when I tried to get a new device and still got a refrb. I doubt the 1.4.5 update will hekp since the just masked up a hardware issue and introduced a new problem.
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    I'm surprised to be the first to mention that my r and x keys are the issue -- anyone else having those keys less sensitive? It's mostly the r that will not register sometimes, very rarely it double-types instead. The x hasn't double-typed but occasionally fails to register.
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