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    So ages ago my brother ripped his Palm Pre in half because he was having anger issues. After properly destroying a perfectly good phone he gave the mangled parts to me. I've been sitting on them for a good while until today I randomly decided that I wanted to 1. Gut it entirely 2. Try my best to put the frame back together. Well ladies and gentlemen I can proudly say that I have been successful at both! The machine is still broken, the cables linking the two halves are ripped and the slider itself has both a wicked oreo and whatever makes it spring up and down and holds it in those two positions is completely broken, but the rest of it should have survived and as a plus I now have everything I need in order to make a Sprint Pre Plus.

    here is just the slider mechanism with all other parts removed.

    Here is the Shell of the phone now nicely back together.

    Here is the phone shell with all of it's internal components removed.

    Overall it was a ton of fun and it gave me the confidence that I believe I can do the sprint pre plus surgery without too much worry of breaking anything. Now It's time to Ebay hunt. Once I have a pre plus to work on I'll be sure to photograph as much as possible as I make it into a sprint phone.

    Hope you guys enjoy.

    Edit: first time I posted it the links didn't work and the second time for whatever reason the first pic was gargantuan so I removed it and just put a link up for it.
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    Nice job!
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    Cool. Made your Sprint Pre Plus yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashi View Post
    Cool. Made your Sprint Pre Plus yet?
    If not, wanna send it my way? :-P I just cobbled together two broken sprint Pre's into 1 functioning Sprint Pre

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