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    just recently bought ( it was free through hp...) my wife a new pre and right away made sure it had 1.4.5. added preware...some ?patches...etc...but i noticed the app catalog is showing more than 400 less apps than mine is, both are on 1.4.5 with sprint. i tried a search in the forums and found something similar almost a year ago and saw they recommended a partial erase ( this what i need to do or is there something else? tried a few battery pulls which was also recommended but didnt help
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    Yes it just needs to be reset and linked to your/her Palm profile again.

    I just had my Pre replaced (my fault not the hardware or software on the phone) and when I was doing my set up it didn't load my apps. I just needed to reset the phone and go through set up again.
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    I was trying to remember how to do that (and it was just last week I did it).
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    yeah i thought so, just wanted to be sure and make sure it wasnt cuz of something i did

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