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    I've recently been having issues downloading email attachments from my gmail account. and its not just my phone my buddies phone has been doing the same thing. it seems like files larger then 5mb wont download, but even small files like 4mb dont work sometimes as well. does anyone have any incite to this? or a wait of fixing this?
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    When using a mobile phone some files may be too large for the system to handle. However, 4MB seems small for your phone not to be able to download it. I've downloaded larger files than that. There might be a problem with those files themself causing the error. Also, it could possible be your gmail account server. Try this: Go to contacts, then preferences & accounts > go to your Gmail account ~ delete and re-add. That might fix the issue. Have you ever try running webos repair utility. If there is anything missing or modified, then webos repair will restore them back to factory default.
    Good Luck.
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    i was thinking the add an remove. and i also think that 4/5mb isnt that big. it should do at least 20 without a problem. and i know ive downloaded videos that were that large on the phone. its like something new... thats why i wonder if anyone else is having this issue. thanks for the tips.. ill give them a try.

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