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    This site seems pretty cool, but i'm lost.

    I don't know what preware, patches,etc. are but i think i'd like to add some.

    I have had my pre since launch date with sprint and love everything about it, but looks like i'm not fully utlilizing the phones capablities.

    One feature I would love to have is the call block feature.

    If anyone can help me out in very basic terms i would certainly appreciate it. Thanks
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    The first thing to mention is that you'll want to do a lot of reading, and I would suggest you start here:
    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
    I would suggest installing Preware with the "WebOS Quick Install"

    It takes a bit of effort to get Preware installed, but once you do, it's no more difficult to manage and use than the official App Catalog.

    I don't know much about call blocking. Perhaps someone else has seen an app that will help.
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    There are some callblock patches in Preware, they all function a bit differently. Like, some won't log the call at all, some will answer and hang up, different ones.

    Also, if you get the Youview app and use Youmail, you can set up certain numbers to get disconnected or fake voicemails.
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    Welcome, Amateur.

    Enjoy the forums, there's ALOT to read and learn.
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    Hi, Amateur.
    Before doing anything please read this~ A guide for Newbies: Forum members are here > if you need assistance with anything.
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    Welcome Amateur,

    I can't believe that you have Sprint launch day Pre and have not patched it as yet.

    Congratulations! You are about to get a NEW phone. When you start patching, you never go back!

    This is where I got my start:

    You’re going to love it here!

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