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    "Preparing" appears and stays there like forever, what's up?
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    I've had that, a reboot sorted it, give it a go.
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    MIne is also "preparing" in the last 10 days...
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    this is happening quite a bit recently, it gets stuck, needs rebooting, then it works again.
    is this common?
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    I know I'm dumb but I'm still learning. What is preparing"?

    Never mind. I should have remembered the title of the thread. Preparing to back up, but so far I haven't had that problem. This Alzheimers is getting the best of me.
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    The thing gets stuck every time I want to back up, needs rebooting every time, what a pain, is it a bug? Is there a fix?
    Was sucked into Palm when I bought the glorious Treo650, somehow subsequent phones didn't live up to expectations.

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