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    Days after receiving my brand spanking new Pre Plus, my case cracked (lower part of the USB port).

    Bought my Pre on the bay of 'E' AND I'm in New Zealand so warranty is a no go. I have contacted the seller but to date, no word.

    I have wrapped this phone in cotton wool and don't even allow people to talk loud when they're near it, in case they upset it. It really has been smothered with love and TLC... and now this.

    I really think this is a design flaw. Either the plastic used can't handle an 'amount' of stess and/or the plastic is just too thin at the USB port.

    The crack hasn't spidered its way into the screen real estate yet but if it gets close, I'm going to attempt to cut the crack out and hopefully stop it spreading.

    I have reduced use of the slider and use the virtual KB when I can. This seems to have slowed the creep of the crack.

    Very disappointed and have definitely lost bragging rights with my iPhone mates who really love the Pre but will inevitably say "...told you so..."

    Keen on feedback around my fix plan. I have checked out the guide so I'm comfortable with ripping this thing apart (I was the dude that did the "Treo270NL (no lid)").

    Treo 270NL

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