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    Reduce Drag Radius patch: Here's another way to demonstrate its functionality. Try changing the screen brightness without it; it jumps by at least 10% when you start moving the slider. With it installed, it only jumps by a couple of percentage points and it's much easier to target a particular percentage. If you use any of the music player apps, the same effect is apparent on the scrubber bar there.

    Your mileage may vary here, because by making it easier to drag you're also increasing the chances of misregistering a tap or other action as a drag, so you'll have to find the optimum radius that works for you. A good test: if the "launch" icon always registers for you on the first tap you're probably good to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    In general, it seems that most people have results along the same lines as yours.

    -- Rod
    Ah, that sounds good. I should add, the idle temp I listed was after moderate usage. I just left Govnah running, but turned the screen off for just a few minutes; when I turned the screen back on, my temp was at 27, and stepped up to 32 where it seems to be staying.
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    I followed the steps, downloaded uberkernal, then gova, when I open gov it will not let me select what one to use. I select one, but it goes right back to palm profile.

    Nevermind, had to restart and it worked fine. Much faster. I hope my battery will last. We will see.
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