OK I found a website that will add my ESN/MEID to the MetroPCS database, and even set up the new Metro account at the same time for me. Anyway, I've been searching the net for about two hours now looking for the Qualcomm USB drivers, and no luck. I found a few that I thought were it, but they're not working in the Found New Hardware wizard. (I'm using WinXP x32)

Anyway, I've got my Pre in developer mode, I've connected to it with Novaterm and typed the mpt 0d serial command, brought up the Found New Hardware wizard. I know they're probably right under my nose, but I can't find anything.
Last time I downloaded them, about two or three years ago, it took me forever then too, but unfortunately, the 250GB hard drive I had that, QPST, BitPim, basically all the hacking tools I was using for my old Motorola, crashed a while back so I can't get to anything that was on it anymore. I had it saved on the Moto's microSD card too, but unfortunately, I no longer have that card (or even if I did, no way to get the data from the card to my PC, since I don't have the phone anymore.)