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    ah! thanks very much. it seemed like that should be possible but i didn't know the command. to digress for the benefit of other noobs like myself (so they don't have to spend XX minutes digging around the net for this info), the command is:

    $ novacom put file://tmp/newfile-on-pre < path-and-localfile-on-pc

    in my case:

    $ novacom put file://tmp/a.tar < castlecdma_evt1_fw.tar

    i used "a.tar" on the device side just to prevent a typing error when i do the actual flash. also, i learned you don't need novaterm to get a terminal. novacom is sufficient:

    $ novacom -t open tty://

    finally you can use novacom to get a file from the device to your pc:

    $ novacom get file://klog > log.txt

    anyway, i flashed the modem with the "-f" option first but didn't it work, so, as the instruction said, i did the "-m -e -o", which completed. i then did the -f option and it completed. rebooted. the phone is still offline and stuck at the blue clouds; battery is fully charged.

    i guess the flex cable is the problem. too bad the phone won't at least take me to my apps, letting me use the wifi to restore my profile/backup (i'm assuming it can be done with wifi) and let me email my stuff off it. oh well, my streak of palm products, dating back to the early palm pilots, has come to an end. hello galaxy nexus...on thursday i hope...
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    OK we all do xxxx
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