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    While I was at work I got a random message saying that my connection to the Palm Profile had been lost and a big restart button taking up the lower half of my screen. Figuring it was a simple temporary thing, I chose to restart the phone.

    On restarting I was greeted by a message asking if I wanted to wipe the phone or to deactivate it and use it solely from USB. I was interested in neither so I kinda freaked and did the option key + sym + R reset. On restarting I got greeted by the new phone configuration screen, asking to choose language and create or sign in to my Palm profile.

    I was able to sign in, but all my contacts were lost and my apps deleted. I have all my Preware patches installed, but Preware doesn't detect them. Emergency Patch Recovery doesn't work, and neither does Emergency File Verification.

    I'm guessing the doctor is my only solution, but I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen before and if they found a way to restore the Contacts from their profile as I lost them all.

    Also, what use is all the fancy Cloud storage technology if upon losing sync it wipes? Shouldn't it rebuild with local info on the phone rather than prioritizing the corrupted, blank Palm profile? Thankfully, I don't seem to have lost my purchase history.

    This is on a Sprint phone, btw.
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    Happened to me about 3 weeks ago. Your Palm Profile totally wipes your contact list. Hopefully, you synced with google or yahoo. If you did, just log into your google profile and your contacts will comeback. Good thing i synced my calender and contacts with google. Also, about Preware and the patches. Just run ERU (Emergency Reconstruction Utility). If that doesnt work, hopefully you've recently updated your "saved packages list" because then you can run EPR and wipe everything out and easily reinstall with the "Saved packages list". If i were you, to be certain, i'll just run Webos Repair Utility.
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    This just happened to me and I lost all my apps and stuff, but my contacts were still there. I think when you did a soft reset it decided to wipe your data instead of just doing the reset. You shoulda just hit reset...
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