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    So I just did a full erase of my Pre and now none of my paid apps are downloading. Two problems with this:

    1. Yeah I could go to the App Cat but I wouldn't remember all the apps I paid for.
    2. Some of the paid apps that I know I bought come up with an error when I try to download them.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    It did remember my accounts, memos and bookmarks just not paid apps
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    open a chat session on the palm support site and they will restore your profile.
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    I had a similar issue the other day. I had just gotten my replacement Palm Pre from Sprint of which I picked up at a store. Logged in to my profile and my apps started downloading. It took a long time to download my apps because I have a lot of games which really take some time to download. After it finished downloading I went to see my games and notices I was missing like 4 to 6 of them. Checked for them on the app catalog and could not find them.

    This was due that my games were only available for WebOS 1.4.5 and my replacement had I updated my phone and voila all my other paid apps that were missing were downloaded.

    I dont know if you have the same issue since you did a full erase. Idk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    open a chat session on the palm support site and they will restore your profile.
    No they won't, they will ask you to do another erase.
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    I just ran into this with a replacement phone. It turns out that the problem is that some apps in the catalog have erroneously had the OS requirement set to 1.4.5. The program I had the problem with was Ancient Frog. I purchased it when I had Now it doesn't even show up in the catalog. I discovered that the OS requirement had been innapropriately set be going through Preware. Ancient Frog is listed there as an available app. When I hit install in Preware, it opens the App Catalog with the message that this app cannot run on your OS.

    I just got done chatting with Palm and after figuring this out passed it on to him. My confidence that this will be passed on though is low.

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