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    OK, I've had my launch day Pre for about 2 months now, a friend of mine sold it to me for $70 (yeah, I know the Pre Plus can be gotten for free now, but #1 I don't want a 2 year contract, not to mention can't afford the $200 or so deposit I'd have to pay, and #2, this one came with the Seidio 2600 battery (he lost the back cover, when he got his iphone he put the phone and everything back in the box like it was when he bought it on launch day, it's ok, i'm going to order a new one for $15 from Seidio), and an Invisible Shield on the front. (he still has the back part, which is good, he told me they exchange them for free, and mine needs to be exchanged, just need to buy something to cover the screen while I'm waiting on the mail. The screen is scratch-free and I'd like to keep it that way.)) So really I only paid for the battery I guess.

    ANYWAY, has anybody else scratched an Invisible Shield? I got used to my old dumbphones with tiny buttons (Cricket SLVR L7c and Virgin LG Flare) that I had to push with my thumbnails, and at first, was using my thumbnail on the screen, scratched the shield. Not to mention the edges are peeling up. And are there any that are even better than that (read: completely scratchproof.. although I doubt it lol)

    Another question, has anybody been able to connect the Sprint Pre to Verizon's new prepaid unlimited data service? I've been using it in airplane mode with the wifi on, to save battery since I don't have service anyway.
    I was thinking about doing the Verizon prepaid, but I read that MetroPCS now has good 3G internet (not to mention they're working on a 4G network, but that's irrelevant with the Pre anyway), and has signed an agreement with Cricket, so Cricket coverage areas are now also Metro coverage areas.

    Which brings me to my next question. How difficult is it to get the Pre activated on Metro? I know they have the whole "bring your own phone" deal, and I have read about some success, though this was before the expansion. Metro really looks like the best deal for me, considering the only two markets I ever really use are the Dallas market, which I'm in now, and the Houston market, and when I was living there, and had Cricket, their coverage was excellent. (well, not when I first signed up with them, but it was within a few months.)

    Originally I was thinking about trying to essentially clone it with the data from my Virgin phone, but honestly, Metro seems like a more viable option than Virgin. But, if that doesn't work, I'll be looking into the Verizon prepaid.

    Don't even want to think about contract service right now, since I was laid off, and really can't afford it on unemployment. (not to mention if I haven't found SOME kind of steady work by the time my unemployment runs out, ETF's are something I don't care for.)

    On a totally different subject, I'd read several people's comments in various places about launch Pre's not taking to overclocking very well, the first thing I did was put Uber on it and run it at 800MHz for a couple weeks, tried Thunderchief for a day, it worked excellent, so I took it off and decided to try to run it at 1.2 GHz. Now maybe I should have doctored the phone BEFORE I put SR71 on it, but that was where it started to crap out, which I suppose was to be expected, it is an experimental kernel, not supported by Palm, whatever, blah blah I know all this. So I went to go back down to Thunderchief, and the phone just started working like crap. So I made my first (and only thus far) visit to the Doctor. (which was a pain since I didn't know that with the regular OS doctor, you have to have PHONE SERVICE to get it up and running again, past the Palm Profile screen.) so after a few hours, holding the volume button, plugging in USB cable, scouring Google for a way to do get it up and running without phone service, I finally got it back up, and Thunderchief going again..

    Anyway, all I'm trying to say here, is really just some feedback on Thunderchief. It works on my launch day Pre, and it works flawlessly. And it seems that with each update, the battery life has gotten slightly better. (maybe just my imagination, but it seems that way. hell, it seems to last longer with the experimental Thunderchief then it did the official Uber at 800.)

    Then again, after I order my Seidio battery cover tomorrow and get it in the mail, I guess the battery won't be such an issue anyway.

    Sorry for the post being so long, maybe I should have put it in separate posts. Next time I guess I'll do that, but I've already typed all this, so I guess I'll just post it like this this time around. Then again, next time I seriously doubt I'll have this many things to say lol
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    Wow, I read all that and didn't see a question....

    Edit: oh ya, sorry don't have an invisible shield, 2 months now with no cover/shield and not a scratch yet! **knocks on wood**

    Double edit: I know they can be modified to work on Cricket, I'd assume the same is true for Metro. I see adds in Craigslist all the time. I'd check there or google "palm pre on cricket" or something like that.
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    Yeah, sorry, I just kind of rambled on there. Kind of happens when I haven't had a cigarette in three days lol. *impatiently waiting for direct deposit to arrive in the next 6 hours*

    Yes I do know smoking kills you. No I don't really care. I love to smoke and it keeps me from beating people. :P
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    Haha, no worries. Too bad you're in Texas, I'd bum ya a smoke.
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    lol no biggie, somebody's bringing a pack of smokes by in about an hour, he knows i'll give him his money tomorrow.

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