So, I haven't played with my PDK games since 1.4.5 update. I noticed they wouldn't start when I tried them after. I did some research and tried the Emergency Fstab Fixer solution. That did not fix anything.

So yesterday I decided to do a WebOS repair and noticed only 3 files were fixed. One was event.d the other was memo, can't remember the last. But it didn't fix anything.

This morning I did a backup and updated Save/Restore backup and Doctored it. I waited till everything synced and reinstalled. All the PDK games worked fine but of course I lost all the saved game info.

This is where things get weird...
I used Save/Restore on only Assassin's Creed and not only did it stop working but all the PDK games are now broke just as they were before!

I just tried deleting and reinstalling Assassin's Creed but that hasn't done anything. Obviously I have to re-doctor my phone again and not use Save/Restore but maybe someone can figure out what would cause this and save me some time???