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    Hey guys i have been using the F104 kernel for a while, and decided to switch over to UberKernel since it has more support.

    So, I installed the Palm Default Kernel in Preware to bring it back to the original state, then restarted.

    Everything cool.

    Then I installed the UberKernel.


    I get the regular Palm logo, but then after it is supposed to go to the Glowing Palm logo, it "glitches" and then it just goes back to the regular static Palm logo.

    What do I do?????? How do I WebOS Doctor without being able to turn my phone on???

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    Figured out how to do it from this post
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    When that happened on my Pre, I did a Orange, Sym, R button reset and it booted. It's worth a try.
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    i leave it plugged in ... since its on screen state .. when plugged in it keeps at 500mhz
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    orange key+R+Sym will help reboot.

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