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    well these are the problems i just started having....
    1 camera doesnt work or video recording also cant load videos or pictures i have recorded or taken
    2 speaker doesnt work for anything i.e music youtube .....
    3 except speakerphone (phone calls)

    now i looked through the forum n well no answers

    hopefully i just missed the solution

    aprreciate any info i can get

    btw all this is jus random happenings
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    Three solutions for your problems: Webos Doctor>Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals. Or Webos Repair Utility:, also before doing anything try a hard reset.(Batt Pull)

    Best of luck.
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    well i appreciate the info didnt want to try the doctor but i knew it was software realated due to the speakerphone working independently in the phone app...
    the reset and the repair utility did not help tho....
    but now i have jus finished the doctor and now its time to install the patches again
    oh and btw problem solved, for now anyway

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