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    I finally have the preware on my phone. Great except for two problems. I really wanted the patch that allows for more launcher pages. But for some reason, it goes through it's normal motions says success then I guess has three things it has to install but then says error installing: see IPKG log. I get the same thing when trying to download the laucher tab patch. I really would like these two things on my phone can anyone help?

    Also I put up a thread about having problems getting music on my phone. I have the music but for some reason both doubletwist and WMP won't create my full playlists that I have on those players. Doubletwist did before so I don't get why it won't now. It created about half of the playlists I have and with those it didn't put all the songs into the playlist. Please any hel[ here would be appreciated. Or I noticed a new player called NaNplayer which allows you to create playlist on your phone. When will this player be on Preware?
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    Re the launcher patches, that is the effect that you would expect if you have conflicting patches loaded. If you don't have many, show us a list of your installed patches.
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    Check for conflicting patches, I would personally recommend the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch, it features an incredible amount of tweaks, customization (all of the icon patches etc) and is maintained (and updated) pretty frequently. I'm posting this from my phone, so excuse the lack of link. But search in preware for the exact name "Advanced Configuration for App Launcher" or search "sconix" who is the developer. I would also recommend removing all launcher style patches (such as hiding patches, icon grids, etc) before installing his, as like I said, it provides all that and conflicts with others.

    Cheers and good luck!
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    Even though conflicting patches may be the case... Installing a second time ~ may work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RL View Post
    Even though conflicting patches may be the case... Installing a second time ~ may work.
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