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    Help! I used my headphones with my Palm earlier today, and for some odd reason it refuses to believe I've removed it. Now, unless I am talking on speaker or bluetooth, I simply cannot get it to acknowledge that I took them out. This is causing problems. Does anyone know how i can fix it?

    I already tried restarting it, and nothing happened.
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    Search for "stuck in headset mode" in this forum. The gist: plug and unplug the headset a few times to get it unstuck. There are a few other tricks that I can't remember.
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    what works for me is plugging in the headphones then yanking the wire from the headphones out of the Pre. Several times for a really stuck headset. Hope this helps.
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    I use the ghastly headset app to help me determine when I've properly unstuck it.
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    Got mine back from Sprint like that after taking it in for a different issue. They were replacing it anyway so it was no big deal.

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