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    im not new here but i cant install preware and i cant doctor my phone cause it says that nothing is connected so how do i download preware again i cant find it in webos quick install :/
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    so im assuming u checked if developer mode is on and tried reinstalling novacom driver?
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    It's under WebOS Internals (Pre) or (Pixi) depending on your device (although I believe they're both the same in the case of Preware).
    Of course if you have the dreaded no device connected issue then your problems are bigger. You can't even use WebOS Quick Install right?
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    Try rebooting your Pre and your computer and see if that helps.
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    If all else fails, put your device in Recovery Mode by pulling the battery and holding the volume UP button while you reinsert the battery. Keep holding until the USB icon shows on the display. Then plug the device into your computer and run the Doctor (if that's what you want to do).
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    The only deviation I have from HelloNNNewman's procedures is that you don't have to pull the battery. Power off your phone, then, plug in the USB cable which should be connected to your PC/MAC, press and hold volume up immediately after plugging in the USB, wait for the USB icon.
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    ugh sorry im so late >_< i did manage to dr the pre something was wrong with my usb cord :/ i do have a samsung epic now but im still into webos

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