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    I am a new WebOS user and purchased a Pixi. The battery life is manageble and I really like the OS. I really have a desire to go back and exchange the Pixi for the Pre but I am scared of the battery life with a larger screen and faster processor.

    Will I get better, worse or about the same battery life with all settings between the two devices being equal?

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    It depends on how you use it...
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    It depends on how you use it...
    As I stated in my original thread..."with all things being equal between the two devices."

    In other words, If I have all the settings on the Pre the SAME as I do on the Pixi, will I get about the same battery life?
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    My daughter has a Pixi, and my wife and I both have Pres. My daughter's Pixi battery seems to last longer than the Pre. However, my guess is that the difference will be greater if you use the Pre a lot. I use my Pre a ton, because I'm a geek and I keep it attached to me pretty much all the time. My wife, on the other hand, uses hers much less, and so gets quite a bit better battery life than me.

    So, if you are a geek and plan to use your phone a lot, and battery life is very important to you, I think you'll be upset by the battery life on the Pre. If, on the other hand, you don't plan to use your phone a ton, I think you'll be okay with the battery life on the Pre.

    In other words, I think the Pre in use consumes more juice than the Pixi in use.

    But this is basically conjecture on my part, as I have no real data to back it up.
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    i have both. prefer the pixi by far!
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    i have both. prefer the pixi by far!
    Thanks for the replies so far. So Chrislo, does that mean that your Pixi get better battery life, of do you just prefer the form factor more?
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    I'm sure the pre uses more battery especially when you first get it... But it has improved after a little time
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    i would assume that the pre would consume more since its using a faster CPU, more ram (pre plus), any other differences the pre has over the pixi that would deal with battery life.
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