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    Hi all,

    I have a Palm Pre on O2 Network.
    I connect my calender (email / contacts etc.) to a google mail account. Everytime I am abroad and connect to a provider and the phone get's the current time and date after have been totally switched off it shows all my appointments on the wrong date.
    In google everything is still on the correct date.

    The tiresome thing is that this does not fix itself after I am back in my "home" timezone.
    I have to remove that account from the Pre and then reenter the account info. After sync everything is fine again.

    Does anyone know this bug?

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    but I am having the same issue. It's odd though, since I've stayed in California this entire time and have had no problems. All my info is correct in my online calendars (Google, Outlook), but they're shifted a day back in time in my Pre calendar. And now the events aren't even showing up when I go to the day view. This is frustrating. Any chance you've figured it out?

    Network: Sprint in USA

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