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    Hi Guys-

    I recently had my Pre replaced after four months due to ringer on/off problem, & failing headphone jack. Got my new one & everything worked well, except for what seemed like a blown ear-piece speaker. Within a week Sprint got me a 3rd Pre.

    Before I started Preware-in' & got UberKernal running, I noticed poor WiFi performance. This 3rd Pre has a hard time connecting wireless access points. Once connected, my signal reads poorly even in the same room, & constantly drops the SA.

    I work in the networking field, so I'm certain it's not my WAP, and I wouldve seen similar results from my other 2 Pre devices. Just to cover my bases I went as far as defaulting the WAP & loading newest firmware, etc.

    I'm not entirely sure if this is hardware or software related as I did see other posts stating updates to 1.4 & 1.5 fixed the issue.
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    Same story for me. Got a refurb about 2 weeks ago because of headset\spkr problems. I'm using Govnah and F105. But anyway, my signal strength is very weak. Sometimes nonexistent standing right next to the router. One second I have full wifi sugnal the next I have none ore I even lose connection. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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    You could have a bad wireless device in the phone and/or the AP could be flaky. I have read of problems with WEP encryption, but because WEP no longer provides security, you shouldn't use it anyway.

    I'd run the self tests and also try with someone else's AP.

    My Pre connects very well with my AP (WPA/AES), my work AP (WPA/AES) and with any open AP. I've had two Pres and each worked well with WiFi.
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    Same exact problem here.

    My first Pre lasted over a year, then all my launcher icons disappeared. Took it to Sprint, where they ordered a replacement, no questions asked. (In retrospect, I should've run webOS doctor myself since it was clearly a software issue.) Got the replacement and it permanently went into "phone offline" mode after less than a week. Ordered another replacement. Got that one and the wifi issues started. Took it to a service center and they said they could find nothing wrong with it. Well, sure, of course it will have a full signal when you're sitting next to the store router. I had to go home and take a photo of my Pre next to my dad's--his showing 5 neighborhood networks and a full signal on our home router, and mine with only the home network and 2/3 of a signal. Took the picture into the service center and said they would get a replacement. Just picked up the replacement tonight, brought it home, and I'm back to where I was before--low signal, inconsistent connection, etc. I'm all out of ideas at this point. I'm tired of getting replacement phones that, for all intents and purposes, are defective and unusable.
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    could try changing routers. the pre works better with some routers than others. had a netgear router at work that made my pre run hot continuously. bought on ebay a used 'Linksys WRT54G V5 Router 4 Port Switch & Adapter'. now my pre runs nice and cool. reception perfect.

    you could sell your existing router on ebay to recoup your cost.
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    head over to starbucks and see if you see the same results. The wifi is free now, so it's a good place for testing.
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    It's not the router. I had the same problem at work and on the local bowling alley's free wifi. And besides, the first two Pres I had gave me no problems whatsoever at home or at work, not to mention the one my dad has still works perfectly fine at home.

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