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    I go back more than 10 years on Treocentral/Precentral. Had an original Visor Deluxe with remote module. Was a beta tester for Backup Buddy, Word Smith. Overclocked with Afterburner in those days, too. Had a portable infrared sensor/printer port to print documents from the Visor on printers around the hospital where I worked. Had more than 40 games and 15 useful medical apps from Palm OS. I really wanted the Pre a year ago, but I waited until Epocrates came out on webOS. At work we use Lotus Notes and a Blackberry server with Verizon Tours for our email/calendar/tasks/notes. That was an obstacle, too.

    With help from Precentral, I am an avid homebrew/preware user, though I have not overclocked---yet. I moved all my old Palm OS notes to Evernote. I used to use List for a simple database program and DocsToGo and mobileDB, and I haven't found a solution for spreadsheet info, but I can wait for Quickoffice.

    So, I am lovin' the Pre. Monster step up in speed compared to the 700p, even without overclocking. I use Classic for many of my old games and medical apps, and it's a nice transition. There is very little learning curve with the Pre. And the 1/2 price app sale in July was a bonus.

    I did have trouble with synergy and Google calendar. I was using Google sync with my Blackberry, hoping to get my Lotus calendar and contacts to gmail to sync with the Pre. Somehow, Google sync made 27,000 copies of my tasks and when synergy tried to load that on my Pre, the battery would drain in 3 hours. Had to make a new Gmail account. No prob.

    I now use Commontime mNotes to sync Lotus email, calendar, and tasks to the Pre with an exchange server. For $65 a year, this is the best solution for me. I tried companion link, but it was unreliabe in version 3 and 4. Couldn't get stuff from the Pre to the desktop, though it always worked the other way. For a year I have used Martin Scott wireless mail to send my Lotus email to my old Treo, and that is a fine solution for Lotue email only (especially if you have both a BB and a Pre, as I do).

    Now, however, I rarely use the Blackberry Tour. The Pre does everything better than the BB, does more, is more fun, is faster. The two iTunes ringtone apps are brilliant. Kudos to webOS developers. FLight predictor is another great app. Old Palm OS Flight Time does not work in Classic. And I kept iTunes 8 on my laptod so I can sync with the Pre. Bonus.

    Last, I thought about going to Big Red. My son and I are on Sprint, and even with the $149 I paid for the Pre vs $49 (at the time) for the Pre Plus, I save $650 a year over 2 years on Sprint vs Verizon on the family plan due to a generous discount at Sprint. When the new HP/Palm webOS 2 phone comes out, I will give the Pre to my son and get the new phone for me, since he is already eligible for upgrade.

    While I see absolutely no one with a Palm Pre/Pre Plus around the medical center, some do have Pixis. Most everyone else has BBs, iPhones, or Androids. Will have to see what happens, but I can live with the Pre and preware. Love the multitasking. I like having most of my old Palm OS programs available in Classic.
    This is still a fantastic community. Share the love with Synergy.
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    Congrats on making the switch - Welcome Aboard!

    I really encourage you to go ahead and install the Uberkernal (and Govnah app) via Preware. You will kick yourself for not doing it sooner! It really does make your Pre feel like a completely new (and FAST) device.
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    It was all me, I am the reason everything happened, I am palm's ceo, my name is john connor
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    On UK/Govnah: I installed both before my phone was a day old and havent looked back. You really will be blown away at the improved performance, make the leap!
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    Nice honest review... gonna have to remember this thread to refer people to when they have problems "converting" to the Pre. Good to see someone who educated themselves before and during their transition so instead of complaining about it, you already knew what you needed to do and gave some insight on multiple solutions.

    Good stuff, and glad you are liking the phone and have it working the way you want (still my favorite part about the Pre/WebOS, it can be made to fit pretty much anybodys needs).
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    Like others have said, check out UK/Govnah. It's like getting a new phone.
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    Did you ever have a password for your contacts (per contact)? I did as I had some password info stored on a few client contacts - but I've had to remove them once it got on my pre.

    That's the 1 thing I still miss from my Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by btroffded1 View Post
    Did you ever have a password for your contacts (per contact)? I did as I had some password info stored on a few client contacts - but I've had to remove them once it got on my pre.

    That's the 1 thing I still miss from my Treo.
    Nope. Have used SplashID for passwords for many years and bought the webOS version, a simple transition. (actually had Splash Wallet going back to my Treo 600).

    I miss Pocket Tunes and Kinoma Player the most from my Treo. Music ReMix 2.0 is helping me forget the former.

    Still haven't installed Uberkernal. But I have had Govnah for a while, in preparation. I did install the Muffle System Logging patch and the Remove Dropped Packet Logging patch, and those 2 provide a noticable decrease in lag, especially when scrolling.

    And Angry Birds is just a fantastic game. Can't stop playing it and laughing. Same with Rednecks vs. Aliens.

    And I bought Invisible Shield at the pre-release (pun intended) sale more than a year ago in anticipation of getting the Pre. Installed it myself with little trouble. It actually is pretty nice on front and on the touchstone back.

    I will have to talk to Marianne Ichbiah (widow of Jean Ichbiah of FITALY fame, Instant Text - Textware Solutions ) to see if we can get an integrated virtual FITALY keyboard and Instant Text for webOS. (Haven't tried My Home Keyboard). Then we will know if developers are coming back to the fold.

    I have tried Swype on the Droid X and it isn't as fast as FITALY, nor does it "know" complex vocabulary. But good for short texting.

    After more than 2 months I have had no hardware probs or Oreo effect. It is just amazing how few people have heard of the Palm Pre and how surprised they are when I show them what it can do. It is also amazing to me to see what consumers want with the "newest and best" phones.

    As Normy said on Cheers many years ago, "It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearing Milk Bones underwear." We will have to wait and see what HPalm can do for us.

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