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    I downloaded Facebook Beta last week and then updated regular Facebook to 1.3 the other day. Now both appear to be the same?????
    Is there any difference, and should I delete the Beta version now???
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    The beta has a bug fix. Not sure which one but seems to be the one where 1.3 kind of hangs. I got rid of the beta and am just waiting for 1.3.1 . Till there is something big then i'll get beta again.
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    I'm using the beta with no problem. You can choose anyone you prefer. The beta to me seem a little better.(i.e bug fixes, overall performance.)
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    I heard that 1.3 and 1.3.1 were the same sans the name. I would just have the Beta installed though. I **** being to try features sooner.


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    I have used both and don't find much of a difference now that the official release has been updated. I'm still using the beta though.
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    Eventually the Beta will probably be updated again sooner than the Official release.

    So you might want to hang onto the Beta for sooner updates coming later on.
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    I deleted he original to get rid of double notifications. Beta only here!
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    The cool kids use the Beta. Up to you what lunch table you want to sit?
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    i stick with the beta just because i like the latest.
    But if something goes wrong i still have the official release, for use.
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