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    I don't exactly know what the problem is here, but a friend just got a Sprint Intercept (Android OS). When he sends me a pic via text messaging, instead of the pic coming through, I get a link to Sprint picture mail site on the website, where the word "errror" appears. never had this problem with messages from other phones. On the Sprint support website, it almost sounds like her phone thinks the Pre cannot accept MMS, because that's what it says it does when the recipient phone doesn't do MMS. I'm thinking it's something in the way he sends his texts, but anyone have any suggestions?
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    That is very odd! The Pre does true MMS, so you should just get the pic and not a link to the picture mail site, that was just Sprint's way of faking MMS.

    Have you tried calling Sprint to check things on your end?
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    I think the problem is coming from your friend's phone. It all depends on where, or how the person sending the message from.(Website) Some website doesn't post direct pics, what you'll get is a link that takes you to the site.
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    I don't have the problem with anyone else's phone/texts/pics. According to another forum, his phone may need to be provisioned. I think it must be on his end. He has a poor signal in his apartment; I wonder if he's been sending it via wifi and if that would make a difference. Anyway, has to be on his end is my conclusion.
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    WiFi could be causing the problem, MMS usually won't send properly over it, if his data signal is bad or tirned off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verwon View Post
    WiFi could be causing the problem, MMS usually won't send properly over it, if his data signal is bad or tirned off.
    I second this. I know the few times that I have had my data connection turned off on my Pre, incoming MMS wouldn't come in right - even with wifi on. Maybe sending MMS with a data connection off or no signal could cause the problem when sending MMS too.
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    ive seen this happen with Sprint before. sometimes the pic is uploaded to a website and then transmitted to the receiving phone, and sometimes there is a glitch in the process.
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    I really think it may be the data. Someone was trying to send me MMS the other day, I didn't get any, checked and discovered my data was off.
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