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    I am with AT&T and need help with some questions. I currently have a Samsung Captivate. Like the phone but battery life is horrible, as in "can't make it through the day."

    Here's my situation. I get up and take my phone off charger at 6:30 am. I read some newsgroups and have an exchange mail account "always on." I make a few calls during the day and some light internet usage. At home some browsing over wifi.

    My question: Can I expect the Pre Plus to make it to around 10-11 pm or will I be looking for a charger earlier like my android???

    I have owned a Palm Treo Pro, Centro and Treo 600. I always enjoyed Palm's but haven't had experience with webos.

    So, in summary from most to least important....

    1. Can I make it through the day with my habits?
    2. Are most programs awailable for Android also available for webos?
    3. Are there any Sports programs that will actually PUSH the score changes to your phone like StortsTap or LiveScores?
    4. How is exchange on webos???

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    I have a Samsung Captivate and also bought a Pre+ to mess with, so far I prefer the Pre+. E-mail is a lot better, especially for exchange accounts (I have two that are always on). It was a hard trade off as the screen on the Captivate is amazing, the best mobile screen I have ever seen. The size of the phone is nice, and swype keyboard is also amazing.

    1) I took my phone off the charger at 8:30AM and right now at 9:03 I have 42% of my battery left. I texted throughout the day, and also sent some quick e-mails. I haven't made any calls yet, but even if I had the battery would probably be around 30%. A lot of posts I have read people carry chargers with them, including me. If I run AIM messenger on the phone my battery will drop about 10% an hour, with aim off battery life is a lot better. So any data intensive apps will drain it much faster, like they would on Android. I also overclock my Pre+ to 1Ghz when the screen is on (overclocking is a must, it's painful to use without it), and underclock it when the screen is off.
    2) That depends, many of the common big apps are, but WebOS has a lot less apps than Android and the iPhone. AT&T hasn't pushed WebOS 1.4.5 to the phone yet so some of the newer apps and games aren't available for it. Most apps on WebOS are more than Android, which in turn cost more than the iOS versions.
    3) WebOS runs apps in the background, which is partly why battery life can get killed quick. There's a few sports apps, Sports Live! seems like the closest to what you are referring to. Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.
    4) Exchange support for me is considerably better than Android, and some what similar to the iPhone. I can accept, reject meetings, etc... I haven't tried creating a event and inviting others (not even sure if that is possible).
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    if you get the 2600mAh or 3800mAh extented battery, you will get the battery life you are looking for.

    if not, keep a touchstone nearbay or a spare charged battery to swap out.

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