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    is it possible to get a cursor to appear on screen when browsing the web?

    sometimes I miss having a cursor like my old phone makes it easier to not mis-click on small links.

    Is this possible and I'm just missing it or is there maybe a patch to make a cursor appear? It would be convenient if holding a key would make a cursor appear or something like that.

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    there is a patch that makes keyboard shortcuts like "top of page" or "bottom of page" etc. I've found that to be useful.

    I also think there is a patch that adds a scroll bar.

    I'm not sure where you want a cursor to show up except in boxes for text entry. essentially your finger is the cursor.

    try those patches and see if they are close to what you are looking for.
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    Thanks! I was actually hoping that I could see a cursor that follows the actions of my finger. For instance, as I drag my finger I see a cursor that follows my finger's actions. I don't know if that is technically possible, but it would be great.
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    Put your request/feedback Here: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

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