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    Since my gf is out of town we keep in touch using email alot, she send me email using her blackberry will i push mine using the pre. Since each email send n receive come with series of history at a certain point it become slow and laggy when i try to type and reply her email. it only laggy and slow when i was typing on the send email card once the card remove the speed back to normal. i was wondering our conversation for that particular message only like around 10 reply and 1 pic attach. does it enought to cause it to become slow? my solution now is to try not to continues reply under the same title for too many times and open a new email and type instead. Anyone experience the same thing?
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    Yep, it's been posted about many times and is a known issue. The only solution is to make a new email.
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    Yeah, this has been an issue since a couple WebOS updates back. I don't know why they changed something that made this issue and certainly don't know why they didn't fix it in the most recent update!! It is very annoying, as my best friend and I write back and forth a lot to the same subject.

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