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    I have a Palm centro that I sync. with Palm desktop is it possible to get that data over to my Palm pre if yes, is it possible to get some sort of step by step procedure?
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    i made the same transition over a year ago but unfortunately the pre does not work the same way a centro does and there is no real way to directly transfer data and info from the centro to the pre at least that i know of
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    I just did this for my wife. Voice recordings will not transfer. I think everything else did but it took some work. Contacts are no problem although they won't be divided by grouping as web os doesn't offer that. Calendar, if you want a free solution, depending on what desktop your syncing to, there are ways to export the calaner info to google calendar then sync your pre to google calendar. For memo's this one was the trickiest. Look for a program in homebrews that is called classic notes. The developers homepage has a free solution for transferring your memo's to his app for pre(must use a windows machine for this part)

    it definitely took some time and effort but I eventually was able to transfer everything to the pre sans the voice memo's.
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    also, for pics and music I think I had to use a card reader to transfer the pics and music from the centro card to my computer then put the pre in usb mode and put them on the pre
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    yes you can transfer all your Contacts/Memos/Calendar and tasks from Palm Centro to your Palm Pre.

    First you need to sync your Palm Centro with your Palm Desktop software.
    then you go to palm website or use google and search for "Data transfer Assistant" ..

    the Data Transfer Assistane is a tool made by Palm to transfer all of your contacts memos calendar and tasks from Palm Desktop software to your Palm Pre using USB Cable.

    all of ur trabsfered contacts memos calendar and tasks will be transferred to ur Palm Profile. That's all
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    by the way: this is a direct link from Palm website for the DTA Tool:
    Palm - Run the Data Transfer Assistant for Windows
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    Thank to all of you for helping me out
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    I don'tthink the assistent does memos but it does alot
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    i recommend you avoid DTA. Easiest route is to gram companionlink. 7 day free trial. you can sync with palm desktop. resync with outlook or anything that can export to a .csv

    also, that will sync memos, so you can export them to something useful.

    for lack of a better app, i bought pocket mirror which comes with an app to sync outlook memos. expensive, but it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loopytee View Post
    I don'tthink the assistent does memos but it does alot
    i did the tsansfer along time before and all memos was transfered Ok.
    maybe u need to restart your Palm Pre so they can show up ...

    also i think there is an option wile go through DTA that make u choose memos to be transfered or not, check it out

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