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    Hi guys, well I have a problem, and it happenedtwice today for the first time. Right after I'm done like sending a text or using the internet, I press the lock button. Its a habit. But this time I locked it, then pressed the lock button again and it wouldn't go the the lock screen. The screen just stayed black. Then I tried sliding the phone open, and still nothing. I waited and waited.. And nothing. I had to take out the battery and turn on he phone again. Is this a common problem or is there any way this can be fixed? If not should I get a refurb? I'm on verizon. Thanks guys!
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    sorry I sent this from my pre hence the spelling
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    This always happens to me after I get a replacemen Pre. It does not respond to the unlock try plugging it in after a few seconds you'll hear the charger chim then your screen will come to life. Its weird I don't know what causes it but only happens 3-4 times in the first couple of days and never happens again.
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    hmm well I've had mine for a little while now, maybe it'll go away I dunno, its just annoying haha.

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