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    I honestly have NEVER seen any advertising for the pre plus or pixi. I just love smart phones & the guy @ verizon screwed up my account really badly and gave me a pre plus, my wife a pixi plus, and my old room mate a pixi plus. This phone is awesome even before I added 30 something patches to it. My wife doesn't like me patching hers, says it's fine the way it is. Either way I've 'converted' 4 ppl already and overclocked a guy @kmarts pre plus and he was so thankful he bought me lunch. Either way we just need to spread the word.
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    The Pre was advertised by Sprint for a short time, but not very effectively. Verizon never really pushed for it, and I don't think I have ever seen AT&T advertise either. I remember seeing a huge Sprint Pre banner in downtown LA across from the Staples Center. It was on the side of a large building and was very easy to see.

    I think the problem with the banner/billboard method is that people aren't nearly as motivated to research the phone and find out more about it. A successful TV ad campaign is the best bet for tech gadgets in my opinion. What Apple does for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod is the perfect example. HP/Palm needs to push it even further than Apple and really show off WebOS to say the least.
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    I have a friend that is in the entertainment business and I did him a favor of driving him to an event.

    At the bar, the bartender came up to me (I was taking pictures)

    and he was like "I've never seen someone else with a Pre before" and takes his Pre out of his pocket.

    This was in May and he was like "shame Palm went out of business"

    So I notified him of HP, the PDK coming out, how easy it was to hack the phone and install patches (i showed some of mine)

    So he added me on Facebook and I generally help him with issues.

    I fixed the headphone stuck issue for him, and so on.

    He still hasnt installed any patches, but I think just knowing that Palm is ok now with HP at their backs he is willing to stick with his Pre, as he mentioned he did like it as a phone.
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    I have a cousin who bought her Pre last year when it launched on Sprint the same time I did (June 2009) and said last week that she was thinking of switching her Pre out for the new Samsung 4G phone because she said her Pre didn't do much and complained about how slow it was. I went over to her house after work and showed her the awesomeness that is PreCentral and introduced her to the homebrew community and Preware. I installed Quick Install for her and WebOS Doctor as well, then gave her the rundown on patches, themes and kernels, as well as what she needed to uninstall before any major updates and what to watch for with the kernels (overheating, etc.), though I reminded her that I've had overclocking kernels for months now and haven't had a problem with any of them yet.

    Yesterday, she called me to thank me for talking her out of it and even got another couple of family members to pick up some Pre Plus phones on their network (Verizon). She says the 1 Ghz Uberkernel is the best thing that could have happened to her phone, not to mention the 30+ patches she's gotten installed thanks to Preware, and she's as stoked as I am for WebOS 2.0 and Palm's next phone.
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    Several months ago, I saw a big truck with a powerful video projector system mounted in it. It was presenting a slide show on the side of a theater in San Francisco. I asked the girl standing by the truck what it was. She said it was a promotion for a new Microsoft product. I recognized the interface and said "The Kin?"

    She was surprised as it wasn't even out yet. She asked if I'd like to hear about it and I said I'd already read about it, but it was useless anyway as I had a Pre and I wouldn't leave webOS. She said "oh, my partner (in the projector ad business) has one of those and won't stop talking about it. He has been showing me cool stuff. It looks really nice." She pointed at him inside the truck, running the video equipment, and he had a Pre in his hand.

    Hahaha Microsoft would not have been happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey47 View Post
    Please don't flame me on this. Evryone around these parts claim that webOS is so easy and intuitive to use (which I do believe). If that is the case, why are they flying off the shelves? Is it because of the completely blown marketing and advertising it's ease of use by Palm? Is it the spirit of the "creepy lady" ads coming back to haunt webOS?
    Several reasons:
    1) Palm lacked the resources (and time) to fully implement all the potential in time for first release. IMHO it was still enough and for me already better than the alternatives. But it still needed several updates to integrate important features and mature the platform.

    2) Palm no doubt had good reasons to have Sprint as an exclusive launch partner (I guess lack of good alternatives plus Sprint promises of active marketing and support) - but it was the smallest of the carriers and loosing customers.

    3) The early ad campaigns were made of fail and a terrible waste of time and money. Even if the creepy lady were less creepy - the ads didn't really show what was good about the Pre and webos. Amateurs managed to make better ads.
    It's not enough to show cool feel-good ads when there's already 2 big competitors offering mostly the same thing and being far ahead in apps. They needed to show where webos beats the crap out of the competition and they failed to do that.

    4) Hardware issues did not help

    5) Apps. It's in the nature of things that Palm couldn't conjure up 10000 apps out of nothing. But on a smartphone a good app selection is crucial and many people lack patience in this fast age.

    6) Palm running out of money made devs hesitate to commit resources to webos apps - which means less customers - which means smaller market share - which goes back to Palm not making enough money and the vicious circle is complete.

    But all that is changing as we speak.
    a) New phone(s) is(are) around the corner (my guess is nov - certainly before end of year in time for xmas sales).

    b) App catalog will get to 10000+ which is enough critical mass to shut up most complains about app selection

    c) Thanks to buyout from HP Palm will have the money to do major marketing campaigns and they surely have learned a lessson about how *not* to market a cool new smartphone.

    d) Also devs don't have to worry about Palm going broke in less than a year.

    More apps + more customers + more devs leads to growing market share and even a small upward trend can then lead to a virtuous cycle of ever more customers, market share, devs and apps.
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    I am seeing a lot of Pres now a days ..... finally
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    One of our customers representative had pre on sprint for a year. Did not know anything about homebrew. I have installed preware for him, and then uberkernell and govnah. He was so surprised, that his phone became so snappier.
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    Wish mine would keep around. Have gone through 6 of them so far.
    Wife has EVO and it seems fun.
    I'll stay PRE for now and see if it all gets better.
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    After talking to my brother about webOS a month ago, a Pre Plus on Verizon is what he bought. I just sent him info on how to get Preware on his phone and go from there. His wife (soon to be ex) has an iphone, so I was worried for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mindless View Post
    Wish mine would keep around. Have gone through 6 of them so far.
    Wife has EVO and it seems fun.
    I'll stay PRE for now and see if it all gets better.
    This is the boat I am in. My wife just got an Epic. I wish I had it, but I am holding out a couple/few months to see if webOS comes out on good hardware. Been through 4 Pres so far myself.
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