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    I have never heard of them till just now.. Lol tells you how unwired I am....
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    Loved my Helio Ocean and spent many hours on Hofo looking for tips and tricks and advice. Ocean was innovative when released; dual slider, ultimate inbox, 3G, great camera...but became outdated very quickly. They didn't have the money and O2 was released a year late. Remember their pathetic attempt at an iTunes type of app for photos and music?

    There are definitely echoes and déjà vu moments when I look at my Palm Pre. I made it the two years of my contract with the Ocean and was tickled pink when I finally jumped to the Pre. I love an underdog. But I'm not waiting two years again. HP has their work cut out for them in this competitive field.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronnatki View Post
    how many of you guys on here transferred from the helio carrier to sprint and got the pre?i know i did. i got my pre on craigslist. it was a trade for an 8gig ipod touch and some bluetooth headphones. and i got the pre, charger cable/usb. and the touch stone. and a car charger. so whats your tory on how you got the pre aside from if you had helio?
    The Helio carrier? What's your tory? Tori Spelling?
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