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    In the phone preferences I have entered dialing shortcuts several times, but they do not save. When I go back into phone preferences to confirm my entry, it is blank.

    For ex, when dialing 5 digits, I want it to dial 786-66.

    Anyone else getting this? Thoughts?
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    I don't understand what you are trying to do here. do you want to hit 12345 or whatever and have it populate the full 1234567890 ? maybe i'm missing something, is it a pause you want to enter and then have it auto dial some code?

    a little more info would be useful, (or perhaps more knowledge on my part, i could be missing something obvious)
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    FYI I don't seem to have an issue with the prefix dial feature, which i think is what you mean. IE if you dial five didgets, 12345 you have the phone pre set to do something like xxx-xx1-2345 automatically. seems to work for me when i set it just now.

    edit: now if i go in and look at the preferences, i don't see the preference as set, however, if i do dial a 5 digit number it auto populates the prefix correctly still, even after closing and re opening the phone. have you tried just dialing the five digits?
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    Mine apparently gets saved, as it shows when you dial a number.. but it does NOT display in the Phone Preferences...

    So, same boat as windzilla...
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    i stand educated. I just tried and it worked. So the fact that it doesnt display in the phonhe preferences, doesnt mean it didnt save.

    thanks guys

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