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    I deleted some picture folders from my Pre and once I unplugged it from my computer, the folders were still there but with a different name, "Dd5" etc... My problem is that when I plug back into a computer to delete thes again, they don't show up anywhere. I am stuck deleting them one at a time. Anyone else ever have this happen?
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    is it the folders that reappear or the pictures? also are you deleting picture folders that were originally automatically created by webOS or are they folders you created?

    it may be that you are not deleting photographs, just the folders that photos will go into in the future should you take them, and that webOS creates those folders to have a place to put photos you take on the device/save/download from email, or whathave you.
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    It's the pictures.. They were in folders I had created to sort through photos. I'm an amateur photographer and I find it easier to load all my photos on the Pre and sort through them when I'm on the go....

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