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    Sprint Pre running 1.4.5

    This is intermittent, but happens often enough to be a major annoyance: pictures won't load properly in Web.

    It happens on different domains and the only common feature I've been able to find is that the filenames of the pictures have mixed case. But not every time, sometimes they show up just fine.

    I run into this most often following links from reddit to imgur. Today they seem to be loading OK, but last weekend no pictures were loading on imgur pages.

    I also see it on pr0n sites all the time. I can recreate the problem every time at celebritymoviearchive. com/tour (NSFW). Non-hd preview pics never show up (the page loads, but the space where the image should be is empty, as if there is no img tag there at all), but their hd preview pics show up just fine.

    Another site where I've encountered the problem is indienudes; see www .indienudes .com /katie.html (NSFW) for example. The thumbnails load, but if I tap one the full picture does not load.

    (Yes, I look at pr0n on my Pre. I'm sure I'm the only one.)

    Flickr doesn't seem to work at all either, but I think that may be unrelated.

    It doesn't seem to matter if I'm on 1x, evdo, or wi-fi.

    Anyone else experience this? Anyone have a fix for this? Anyone have any SFW examples that I'd feel better about including in a bug report?
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    Have you tried the patch that allows the browser to properly load large images?
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    Try the Browser patch "Raise Image Resolution Limit"
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    Link? Where do I find this patch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by foofighterbarlover View Post
    Link? Where do I find this patch?
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    Nope, the "Raise Image Resolution Limit" patch does not fix this problem.
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