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    I finally got Preware on my phone (though I found it in the internals feed for "pre" not "all". I tried to find the Virtual Keyboard and couldn't. So I looked up how to get it and found this:

    Now you want to download one file, install it, then download a second file, and install that. It's important do you do it in that order, so:

    1.Select "Package Manager Service"
    2.Click download, then close
    3.Click "Install" on the Main WebOS Quick Install Page
    4.Click the feeds button again
    5.Go back to the WebOS Internals (all) feed
    6.Select "Preware"
    7.Click download, then close
    8.Click "Install" on the Main WebOS Quick Install Page

    So my question is since I put preware on the phone before this "package Manager Service" can I not get the Keyboard? How can I get the virtual keyboard?
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    im not sure why your not seeing it, maybe once u load preware up bring down ur menu from the top left and update feeds then jus type keyboard in for the search
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    think u gotta update Preware and feeds?...

    yeah,what he said.
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    Thanks. I didn't think I needed to update anything since I just got the preware on my phone.
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    And just my $0.02, I prefer the app My Home Keyboard. It opens up as a separate app, but it works better, and it also has waaaaaaaaaay more functionality. I used to use the virtual keyboard, but I stopped. Take it for a spin and you might agree...
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    how do I get the virtual keyboard to my phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by allisonh1973 View Post
    how do I get the virtual keyboard to my phone
    It's in Preware, just do a search for it and then install.
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