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    Ok so my wife got a new Palm Pre from Sprint cause her old one wasn't working correctly and my son is in love with the phone cause he like to just play with it (note he's 2 1/2 and he just like seeing the stuff pop up and the flash go off when he takes a picture). We turned the phone off after she got the new one so that she could activate it and sign into her palm profile and get everything all synced back up and running correctly on the new one. Now when we turn the old one on it's like i'm trying to start a brand new Palm Pre cause it want's me to sign into my profile or create a new one, but you can't turn on the wifi so i can't create a new profile or try to log into her profile to atleast start the phone. any ideas on how to get this thing on so my son can just play with it and have fun with it on long car rides? also any idea on how to get the pictures and music off of it now since when i plug it in it won't let me set it to USB so my computer can't read the device...

    Thanks to anybody who can provide me some help.
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    check out metadoctor. it's how developers initialize their devices without having to have a carrier account.
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